Data Policy

Personal Data Storage

This website is hosted on a server run and administered by the University College London and located in London (UK).

As part of the data challenge, we record your username and email address. If provided, we will also record your country of origin and occupation. Please note that these data will be anonymised and may be use in anonymised form in an impact assessment study for our funding partners. We also keep copies of data sets uploaded to the server until the end of the competition. These data sets are kept for score determination and post competition results validation.

In concordance with GDPR, we will delete all personal data at the end of the data challenge and the user information after one year from the end of the data challenge. We will contact you and ask for explicit permission if we decide to retain your uploaded results as anonymised data set for educational purposes beyond the duration of the data challenge. Please see our full Data Policy here.

If you would like to have your account and data deleted before this period, please send us an email at exoai.ucl(AT)


We use temporary CSFR tokens to enable safe user registration and log-in. We furthermore set a cookie to disable the cookie notification message after your first visit. We do not use any analytics or tracker cookies.